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Innovation is an invitation to build the world you want to see.

Ion supports businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle and provides resources for those seeking to engage in the innovation ecosystem. We invite you to join our network and become a part of Houston’s HQ for innovation.

Ion Prototyping Lab
Ion Investor Studio
Student Ambassador
Artist Residency


Ion entrepreneurial programs train founders, researchers, innovators, and corporate leaders to drive positive, disruptive societal change by building scalable enterprises. These programs teach skills, business development, startup skills—and more. Our newest program for software entrepreneurs is Software Day at the Ion. Learn more and apply for office hours


RED Labs Class 12

RED Labs and OwlSpark are run jointly over the summer. In 2024, cohorts will run out of the Ion. RED Labs Summer Accelerator Program is a 12-week program designed to help UH students, faculty and recent alumni accelerate their business or business idea.

OwlSpark Class 12

RED Labs and OwlSpark are run jointly over the summer. In 2024, cohorts will run out of the Ion. OwlSpark, Rice’s startup and small business accelerator supporting students, faculty and alumni, has supported 97 ventures which have raised nearly $106 million in funding.


ACCEL, a new accelerator from Greentown Labs and Browning the Green Space (BGS), is bolstering BIPOC-led startups as they develop critical climatetech solutions by offering access to funding, networking connections, resources, and opportunities that structural inequities put out of reach.


DivInc’s 12-week tech startup development programs accelerate your business growth. They connect you to a network of industry-specific mentors and investors and provide the critical resources you need to turn your idea into a thriving company.

Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator

The Rice Alliance Clean Energy accelerator supports the success of emerging, tech-enabled ventures who are advancing decarbonization solutions and efficiency strategies that accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.

media tech ventures

MediaTech Ventures

MediaTech Ventures is designed to develop early-stage and growth-driven media technology startups in Houston through education and mentorship with MediaTech Ventures’ startup curriculum and platform.

Interested in exploring more entrepreneurship opportunities?

Meet the

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  • Consumer
  • Energy
  • Industry Agnostic
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Software
  • Sports Tech

Arresting Motion

Arresting Motion is a brand strategy design consultancy and marketing agency that transforms Houston’s top real estate firms into the brands they deserve.

Pasha Blend Collection

Pasha Blend Collection specializes in creating modern skincare products that embodies purity, authenticity and inclusivity.


Brain-eNet is a platform that provides hardware and software tools to enable the development of brain-controlled Internet of Things applications.


Unison is a personal contact relationship management tool that alleviates the risk of data loss and helps to build more meaningful professional and personal relationships.

Digitally Marie

Digitally Marie is a purposeful creative agency dedicated to reducing the opportunity gap for female entrepreneurs. Through our heart-driven approach, we elevate content production embodying their brand perception with unapologetic authenticity.

Agave Catering

Agave Catering is a catering company focused on providing high-quality, gourmet boxed lunches for professionals on the go.

Surreal Vision

Surreal Vision offers immersive mixed reality solutions that provide dynamic visualization experiences to enhance design collaboration and client presentations.

Mulligan Bandit

Mulligan Bandit aims to redefine golf fashion, offering affordable yet high-quality clothing that seamlessly transitions from the fairway to the streets, reflecting personal style while ensuring durability and comfort.

That Dude’s Bakehouse

That Dude’s Bakehouse offers premium, half-pound cookies, combining choice ingredients and craftsmanship with the mission of being the best part of somebody’s day.

Burb Groceries

Burb Groceries is an online grocery retailer for people with chronic health conditions.

Root Planters

Root Planters develops smart indoor plant care devices designed to prevent plant death by providing automatic watering, tailored for busy individuals and gardeners looking to maintain plant health with minimal effort.


CalliDanna is a consulting company that coaches girls 12 to 18 to help improve their lives professionally and personally


xMAD.ai is a compression-as-a-service platform that democratizes access to LLMs (Large Language Models) by making them faster, more private, cost-effective and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Hair Hub

Hair Hub provides a compilation of styling tutorials, educational content, planning tools and a comprehensive database of products tailored for Black hair to provide resources for users to perform cost-efficient DIY haircare.

Euvivo Diagnostics

Euvivo Diagnostics is developing a direct-to-consumer test that analyzes cell aging by examining mitochondrial performance and new aging markers, tailored for individuals with mitochondrial disorders.

KOQ Agency

KOQ Agency curates and organizes global tours and live entertainment opportunities for queer and ally artists in drag, music and entertainment.

Houston Community Print Shop

Houston Community Print Shop offers printmaking classes and equipment access, focusing on community building and supporting underserved areas.

EcoFleet Solutions

EcoFleet Solutions offers rechargeable electric power units for semitrucks, powering air conditioning and cabin functions during stops without engine idling, cutting fuel costs, maintenance and emissions.

ACCEL is an accelerator that bolsters BIPOC-led startups as they develop critical climatetech solutions by offering access to funding, networking connections, resources, and opportunities that structural inequities put out of reach.

WEVOLV combines human and artificial intelligence to Revolutionize how athletes utilize data; democratizing access, that enables better career decision making and a more equitable industry for athletes.

Trainr is the go-to platform for sports and performance coaches, offering booking, payments, taxes, CRM, content creation, financial services, nationwide access to training locations, and more all in one place.

Parscape is a rewards and cash-back powered marketplace designed for the golf industry. The online store features curated Direct-to-Consumer brands, unique deals, and reward challenges.

LunchTable is the first fan activation and engagement platform designed to mobilize your fans into digital brand ambassadors that boost your brand, marketing, and sales efforts.

Drive Hockey Analytics developed hockey’s most advanced skill-tracking system for aspiring young athletes. We use sensors & AI technology to make NHL-level analytics simple & affordable for 120,000 amateur hockey teams.

Drip Tech Co. is the first ai concierge software that offers real time hydration monitoring, digestible data, and actionable insights to both athletes and coaches through our hydration concierge.

DRAFTED is the first company to celebrate and elevate the power of Latina Sports Culture. Through digital storytelling, weekly newsletters, in-person and virtual programming and collaborative brand partnerships we ignite a community and generate insights that have never been touched before.

Cache AI is a platform that provides unbiased score of athlete profiles for valuations, risk assessments, SWOT analysis, and team optimization.

Ballin AI is the first scouting automation software, transforming the labor-intensive scouting process into a streamlined, data-driven operation that reduces manual efforts from over 30 hours/week to just 3 hours/week.

Athlytic uses real-time data to develop a recommended minimum price per social platform for creator-athletes. Brands are get the content they want, and athletes are properly paid for their time, creativity, and reach.

DivInc’s Sports Tech Accelerator supports startups using technology to drive innovation across  human performance, fan experience, future of media, NIL (name, image, and likeness). 10 startups will take part in the 12-week hybrid program which will run from April through July 2024. In-person programming will be hosted at the Ion, the center of Houston’s innovation  corridor.

‍Congratulations Cohort 14!

The Clean Energy Accelerator helps startups from around the world developing clean energy solutions achieve technical and commercial milestones that accelerate development, establish market adoption, and expand their reach. The accelerator works with companies that have demonstrated the feasibility of their technology/solution and are looking to scale or refine (TRL 3 to 7). Class 4 currently in selections.

Future cohort opportunities coming soon.

Ion Prototyping Lab

Ion Prototyping Lab is where your ideas meet the designers, engineers, and fabricators that can make your vision a reality. Located at the Ion, the intersection of Houston’s culture, creativity, and innovation, our 6,500 SF lab has the equipment, engineers, and access to technical training—all of the must-haves for every inventor, innovator, and creator.

Ion Investor Studio

Ion Investor Studio is a unique, private gathering space for investors to land. It is a studio that can be scheduled/reserved where investors can interact and meet with founders, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and other investors. The pipeline of deals in Houston is growing, and through connections and a convenient space to facilitate meetings, we will help find the next big investments.


Ion creates pathways for corporate innovators to collaborate, create, grow, learn, and lead.  Together we explore opportunities to strengthen Houston’s economic resiliency and competitiveness by investing in the region’s industries. Join us as we take Houston’s talent and sprawl and connecting it all—catalyzing the development of better products and technologies, workforces and businesses.

Student Ambassador

As an Ion Student Ambassador, you’ll work side-by-side with fellow students from institutions in the Ion Academic Network and members of the Ion team to create, strengthen, promote, and amplify the programs and amenities of Ion and Ion District. Ion Student Ambassadors will develop a broad and deep understanding of the Ion, Ion District, its stakeholders, its partners, and its ambitious goals for Houston as a prophetic city and urban environment.

Artist Residency

Ion District’s developing Art Program is committed to creating opportunities for local and regional artists by creating long-term platforms to create, innovate, and collaborate. As the center for Houston’s innovation ecosystem, Ion recognizes the importance of cross-disciplinary connections creating and fostering innovation. Creative expression and ideation are an essential part of Ion’s bigger picture and mission.


Eye On Art

Eye on Art pays homage to the original department window store displays of the beloved Sears building on which Ion was built by engaging local artists to create site-specific art installations. The display windows are a unique opportunity to reimagine Sears’ store windows and build on the collective memory of the space’s past, present, and future. Ion is committed to creating opportunities for Houston-based artists by providing long-term platforms to create, innovate, and collaborate.

Ion Plaza

Waves is an interactive installation fabricated by the talented by Hyperlocal, the team of Zhicheng Xu and Moon, that is designed to instill the Ion Plaza with an immediate dose of vitality as visitors enter and exit the building. Now on display as Houston enters one of its most pleasant stretches of the year, Waves will remain a fixture at the Ion for a six-month duration, from May – November.


Meet the Artists


Hyperlocal’s practice thrives at the intersection of public art, architecture, and landscape, engaging with the rich tapestry of the local environment. Managed by Zhicheng Xu and Mengqi Moon He, Hyperlocal’s mission is dedicated to unearthing concealed narratives and knowledge ingrained in the historical, cultural, material, and construction nuances specific to the land. By illuminating these hidden elements, they cultivate a deeper understanding of our environment and its diverse layers. Through their designs, they seamlessly integrate diverse perspectives into the discourse of art and architecture, fostering a holistic and harmonious relationship among people, cultures, and the environment.

Hillerbrand + Magsamen

Hillerbrand + Magsamen are a collaborative husband-wife team making work that explores the relationships between their home (house and family), histories, memories, and the mise-en-scène of daily lifestyle and consumerism. They have a long history of working together and literally tearing down and rebuilding our physical environments to playfully critique our lives. In their practice nothing is precious, everything is game, and they want our art to be accessible to all audiences through the use of humor.

Pavlina Vagioni

Pavlina Vagioni is a Greek multidisciplinary artist with a kaleidoscopic practice spanning sculpture, painting, sound, and digital art. She adopts a site-specific approach to making work with installations presented at a range of sizes, embracing abstract and figurative elements. Central to her practice is the exploration of archetypal symbolism as a means of re-enchantment and metamorphosis within classical mythological themes. Pavlina’s creative approach is anchored in a rigorous study of literary texts, with a particular emphasis on etymological analyses before the realization of each artwork she creates.


Interested in learning more about our programming or how to get involved? Let’s chat!