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Innovation is an invitation to build the world you want to see.

Ion supports businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle and provides resources for those seeking to engage in the innovation ecosystem. We invite you to join our network and become a part of Houston’s HQ for innovation.

Ion Prototyping Lab
Ion Investor Studio
Student Ambassador
Artist Residency


Ion entrepreneurial programs train founders, researchers, innovators, and corporate leaders to drive positive, disruptive societal change by building scalable enterprises. These programs teach skills, business development, startup skills—and more.



Ion Onramp

Ion Onramp aims to support early-stage startups looking for a quality workspace that offers networking and access to a community of founders.

div inc


DivInc’s 12-week tech startup development programs accelerate your business growth. They connect you to a network of industry-specific mentors and investors and provide the critical resources you need to turn your idea into a thriving company.

rice alliance

Rice Alliance

Rice Alliance aims to support the creation and success of startups and the commercialization of new technologies in the Houston community and beyond.

media tech ventures

MediaTech Ventures

MediaTech Ventures is designed to develop early-stage and growth-driven media technology startups in Houston through education and mentorship with MediaTech Ventures’ startup curriculum and platform.


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Meet the

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Sports Tech

Developing and applying innovative applications of AI to solve difficult and critical path engineering and operational problems affecting the process control in varies industries.

Hey Inventor

An online platform that enables inventors and start-ups to confidently file their own patent applications.

A deep tech climate solutions company focused on industrial power waste capture and 100% utilization for greenhouses and other industrial products.

Patented technology unlocking unique insights into the performance data of concrete infrastructure throughout its operational life using process efficiencies, structural health monitoring, and CO2 reduction benefits.

A gamified educational platform used by K-12 students to reduce bullying and bias in school through teaching social and emotional skills.

Building teams of engaged collaborators and confident communicators through on-demand communications coaching programs for teams—at scale.

Transforming the hydrogen industry by simplifying OTC transactions and offering a comprehensive platform for businesses to seamlessly obtain equipment, fuel, and services essential for hydrogen adoption.

An online youth carpool marketplace, helping local parents match, meet, and schedule shared rides for their busy children going to school, after-school activities, and sports.

Building the next generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accelerate the transition to electrified transport.

A smart energy app that helps users reduce bills while reducing their carbon footprint and earning rewards.

Creating the next generation of solar roofs through innovating existing technologies.

Solving the problems of drinking water scarcity and thirst with atmospheric water generators, producing fresh drinking water from the humidity in the air.

Delivering sustainable and affordable solar energy solutions to households and businesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Summer ’23 cohort to be announced soon.

Another Step For Youth

Innovative and interactive children’s toys and media to promote self-awareness, independent living readiness, and optimal brain development for youth.

An evolving on-site retail where you can buy products directly through video commerce.

A platform teaching students team building skills, like traditional sports, while providing the competitive environment and training to participate in large competitions or earn scholarship money.

The place where Gen Z college students, tech boot campers, trade apprentices, and entry level employees connect to network with other business-minded individuals and companies in a no-pressure environment.


A 2-sided marketplace platform that connects small and medium-sized businesses to content creators.

A marketing and audio branding company specializing in digital marketing strategy, sound design, and sound strategy.

Ion Prototyping Lab

Ion Prototyping Lab is where your ideas meet the designers, engineers, and fabricators that can make your vision a reality. Located at the Ion, the intersection of Houston’s culture, creativity, and innovation, our 6,500 SF lab has the equipment, engineers, and access to technical training—all of the must-haves for every inventor, innovator, and creator.

Ion Investor Studio

Ion Investor Studio is a unique, private gathering space for investors to land. It is a studio that can be scheduled/reserved where investors can interact and meet with founders, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and other investors. The pipeline of deals in Houston is growing, and through connections and a convenient space to facilitate meetings, we will help find the next big investments.


Ion creates pathways for corporate innovators to collaborate, create, grow, learn, and lead.  Together we explore opportunities to strengthen Houston’s economic resiliency and competitiveness by investing in the region’s industries. Join us as we take Houston’s talent and sprawl and connecting it all—catalyzing the development of better products and technologies, workforces and businesses.

Student Ambassador

As an Ion Student Ambassador, you’ll work side-by-side with fellow students from institutions in the Ion Academic Network and members of the Ion team to create, strengthen, promote, and amplify the programs and amenities of Ion and Ion District. Ion Student Ambassadors will develop a broad and deep understanding of the Ion, Ion District, its stakeholders, its partners, and its ambitious goals for Houston as a prophetic city and urban environment.

Artist Residency

Ion District’s developing Art Program is committed to creating opportunities for local and regional artists by creating long-term platforms to create, innovate, and collaborate. As the center for Houston’s innovation ecosystem, Ion recognizes the importance of cross-disciplinary connections creating and fostering innovation. Creative expression and ideation are an essential part of Ion’s bigger picture and mission.


Eye On Art

Eye on Art pays homage to the original department window store displays of the beloved Sears building on which Ion was built by engaging local artists to create site-specific art installations. The display windows are a unique opportunity to reimagine Sears’ store windows and build on the collective memory of the space’s past, present, and future. Ion is committed to creating opportunities for Houston-based artists by providing long-term platforms to create, innovate, and collaborate.


Ion Plaza

Efflorescence is an interactive installation fabricated by the talented Austin-based artist team of Ilya Pieper and Whiptail Designs (Nathan Kandus) that is designed to instill the Ion Plaza with an immediate dose of vitality as visitors enter and exit the building. Now on display as Houston enters one of its most pleasant stretches of the year, Efflorescence will remain a fixture at the Ion for a six-month duration, from March – September.


Meet the Artists

Kill Joy

Kill Joy’s family is originally from and partly based in the archipelago known as the Philippines and partly based in the desert known as Texas. Her work sits at the intersection where jungle meets desert. Kill Joy’s work is grounded in honoring the earth and seeking environmental and social justice. Her work is an interpretation of world mythology and a study of ancient symbols. She integrates story telling with calls to global, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness and action.

Christopher Blay

Christopher Blay is an artist, writer, and curator. His exhibitions include Christopher Blay: The SpLaVCe Program at the Studios at Crowley Theater in Marfa, TX 2023, and Christopher Blay: SpLaVC Ship at Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, TX in 2022. He is a contributing writer for Art in America Magazine and has written catalog essays for Richard Prince and Letitia Huckaby, Nasher Sculpture Magazine and Gulf Coast journal (2023). Blay is a former art critic for Glasstire Magazine, and Chief Curator of the Houston Museum of African American Culture.


Interested in learning more about our programming or how to get involved? Let’s chat!