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Intro to Modern Moguls

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Category: Academic Network, Art, Community & Engagement, Community Bubbles, Community Event, Consumer, Founders & Startups, Investors & Capital, Networking




January 26, 2024
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm CST


4201 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


Brought to you by Ion Student Ambassadors!
Intro to Modern Moguls, or The MoMo Panel for short,  aims to bring together dynamic, young visionaries who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. This event will highlight the unique experiences and unconventional paths that have led individuals to excel in their businesses by providing an “In the Field” type of insight not typically found in textbooks or classroom settings. 
Torianna Breaux(Tordrobes):
Louisiana-born and founder of the acclaimed fashion label Tordrobes, Torianna Breaux, has redefined the fashion landscape with her innovative approach. As the chief designer, she goes beyond clothing, shaping the consumer’s bodies and mood. For Breaux, fashion is not just a practice or business but a profound vehicle for her intense expression.
The success of Tordrobes, especially from the iconic U-Zip pants, is a testament to Breaux’s unique vision. In just three short years, she has crafted a label that transcends technicalities, embracing fashion as an art form. Breaux’s tourist perspective on the arts manifests in a distinctive palette of taste, driving the label’s meteoric rise.
What sets Tordrobes apart is not just its stylish creations but also its commitment to community and inclusion. Breaux envisions her label as a force for positive change, enhancing the lives of its supporters. As she takes the stage at our panel discussion, Torianna Breaux will unravel the philosophy behind Tordrobes, discussing how community and inclusion serve as the engine propelling the brand’s remarkable momentum and reminding us that the most important thing is to stay sane.
Donovan Kenerson (Ballers Brunch Founder, Business Consultant, Music Manager/Serial Entrepreneur):
Texas-born but North Carolina Raised, Donovan Kenerson is a Houston-made mogul wearing many hats. He founded the Ballers’ Brunch in 2021 and helped to shape a networking community of entrepreneurs and business owners. Donovan also works at Stomp Down Inc. as an artist and road manager for popular artist Monaleo while running his management service.
He has recently expanded into sports, as he is the chief operating officer for WT4V (Welcome to 4 Vegas) Sports, and he recently started up his own clothing line and contract marketing agency for sports and entertainment!
Donovan has always been a natural leader from the High school football field to his home with his 3 siblings, especially in the community. Mr. Kenerson takes pride in leaving things in way better shape or condition than he found.
Grant Mitterlehner
Originally from Houston, Texas, Grant Mitterlehner is listed by the Houston Business Journal as one of the most admired CEOs in 2023. Having a background as a top executive in the solar industry, Grant is a regular Fox Business contributor and an entrepreneur in green technology and crypto space.
Under his leadership, MittGroup quickly became one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the nation. In the past two years, MittGroup has grown over 293%. MittGroup has been listed as a Best Place to Work for three years, including being listed as the #1 Best Place to Work by the Houston Business Journal with a 98.94% rating in 2021.
As one of the top young entrepreneurs in the U.S., he plans to continue to grow the company into other emerging industries.


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